Notable Arrivals
Notable Arrivals

October 2022

Casa Setaro, Attanasio [9/27] : This is our first shipment from Casa Setaro, located at the foot of Mount Vesuvius. The shipment comprises a white and a red Lacrima Christi del Vesuvio, a Falanghina, an Aglianico, and a beautiful white from an obscure native grape called Caprettone; from Puglia we’ll receive the latest of Attanasio including the 2021 Rosato IGP Salento.

Schoech, Montbourgeau [10/2]: We look forward to receiving a newly extended lineup from Maurice Schoech, including a few “village-level” varietals at excellent price points in addition to the regular single-vineyard and Grand Cru offerings; the latest releases from Montbourgeau are paltry in quantity, but (as always) of the highest quality and include two new wines, the “Montmorain” and “Pied de Mont-Augy”.

Pavese, Il Censo [10/2]: This is the last of the Pavese Blanc de Morgex 2020 and a re-stock of some of their specialty wines; from Il Censo a new white wine “Gurte”, made from the Insolia grape, will accompany our allocation of 2019 Praurar.

NOAH, Antica Torre del Roccolo [10/5]: 2018 was an excellent vintage for the NOAH estate, and the first where Andrea Mosca chose to bottle two distinctive Bramaterra cuvees, the “Salero” and the “Rocce di Luce” to accompany his usual lineup from Coste della Sesia and Lessona; Antica Torre del Roccolo is a new micro-estate in the Veneto, its owners working small recovered plots of very old vines bearing a mix of unusual autochtonous grapes. They release just three wines per year, all field blends: a red, a white, and a sparkling wine, in very limited quantities.

Gour de Chaule, Bois de Boursan [10/5]: Along with a re-stock of 2019 Gigondas, we will receive the new vintage of “La Numero Huit” and our first shipment “Le Gour”, projects from Stephanie Fumoso’s son Paul at Gour de Chaule, who has been (very successfully) experimenting in the cellar as he learns the ropes at the estate; the new shipment from Chateauneuf includes the 2021 Blanc, and the 2019 Cuvee Felix.

Nittnaus [10/14]: We’ll receive a full container from the Burgenland, including a new wines, the Kalk und Schiefer White, and the full range of Blaufrankisch and Blauer Zweigelt from the 2020 vintage.

We also expect to receive the following containers in October, but can’t yet estimate an arrival date:

Coulon, Chamiot, Magnin [Late October]

Harmand Geoffroy, La Ferme d’Hotte [Late October]

Bechtold, Mauro Guicheney [Late October]

Bisson (Glera) [Late October]