Notable Arrivals
Notable Arrivals

April 2022

Domaine Gavoty, Chateau Mesclances [4/1]: The first two containers from Domaine Gavoty and two containers from Chateau Les Mesclances are expected to land the same day, bringing us the full lineup of 2021 rosés from these exciting new (to us!) Provencal estates, along with Gavoty’s “Grand Classique” Blanc 2021.

Gour de Chaulé [4/1]: For April Fool’s Day we are also expecting a container from Gour de Chaulé with the 2020 Cotes du Rhone, the 2021 Rosé (sold out pre-arrival), and the 2019 Gigondas in 750 ml and 1.5L formats.

Hoffmann-Jayer [4/2]: Our newest grower in Burgundy makes his RWM debut with the arrival of this container. We will receive the full lineup of 2017s from the estate just in advance of winegrower Alexandre Vernet’s visit to the US.

Verdi [4/2]: This container brings us some important restocks, including the 2021 Pinot Grigio, 2021 Sangue di Giuda, 2020 Buttafuoco, and 2015 Cavariola.

Grosjean, Thomain [4/5]: This will be our only shipment from Thomain in 2022, with the Enfer d’Arvier arriving in three formats: 750ml, 1.5L, and 3 L bottles. From Grosjean we’ll get re-stocks of the Pinot Noir 2020, Torrette 2020, Cornalin 2020, Petite Arvine 2020, and our only shot of the 2016 Fumin.

Mas de Valériole, Fenouillet, Valcombe, Manarine [4/8]: Provence continues to have a strong month with a quartet of Provencal growers’ rosés all scheduled to dock on the same day!

We also expect to receive the following containers in April, but cannot yet estimate an arrival date:
Chateau Simone, Domaine Viret, Xavier Gerard [early April] Caloz, Chamiot, Larmandier, Coulon [late April] Meix Foulot, Rollin, Cornu [late April] Georges Lignier [late April] Petit Thouars [late April] Chateau Soucherie [late April] Cuneaz, Figli Luigi Oddero [late April] Bisson (Glera) [late April]