Notable Arrivals
Notable Arrivals

January 2022

Du Cropio, La Torre, Piemaggio [1/2]: Our first shipment from Calabria since 2018 brings the return of the trio of reds from Giuseppe Ippolito in Ciro; from Tuscany the 2019 Rosso di Montalcino and 2019 “Ampelio” make their debut, and we will receive the 2016 Piemaggio Chianti.

Haut Segottes [1/2]: We will receive a full container from Haut Segottes debuting the 2018 Saint-Emilion, and bringing us a new wine, the “M-R”, a celebration of Danielle Meunier and Neal Rosenthal’s decades-long collaboration.

San Fereolo, Pacina, Gravner, Vodopevic, Cappellano [1/8]: We will receive the 2013 San Fereolo Dogliani, the 2013 Austri, and the 2009 “1593” from Nicoletta Boca; a re-stock of the 2014 Pacina; the 2013 Gravner Ribolla; 2017s from Vodopevic; and the 2016 base-vintage Barolo Chinato in 750 ml and a new large-format magnum bottle.

We also expect to receive the following containers in January, but cannot yet estimate an arrival date:

Buisson, Clos des Rocs [Early January]

Domaine du Nozay [Early January]

Defaix [Early January]

Crochet [Early January]

Dauvissat [Late January]

Massiac, Le Puy [Late January]

Fenouillet [Late January]

DeForville [Late January]

Manarine [Late January]