Notable Arrivals
Notable Arrivals

December 2021

Du Cropio, La Torre, Piemaggio [12/5]: Our first shipment from Calabria since 2018 brings the return of the trio of reds from Giuseppe Ippolito in Ciro; from Tuscany the 2019 Rosso di Montalcino and 2019 “Ampelio” make their debut, and we will receive the 2016 Piemaggio Chianti.

Pillot, Domaine Pecheur [12/6]: We will receive our annual allowance of Bourgogne Blanc and Bourgogne Rouge from Pillot, along with a handful of 2017 Chassagne reds; from Pecheur we’re expecting the 2018 Chardonnay, 2020 Poulsard, Trousseau and Pinot Noir, and the 2012 Cuvee Speciale.

Granger, Larmandier, Coulon, Dubost [12/6]: Granger will release their Moulin-a-Vent 2018 and the 2019 Julienas Clos des Poulettes; we will get a much-needed re-stock of Champagne from Larmandier and Coulon just in time for the holidays; and we will see the return of Dubost’s Beaujolais-Lantingnie 2019 and Morgon Cote du Py 2019

Gilbert, Chateau Soucherie, Domaine des Trois Toits [12/11]: This container brings the return of Gilbert Menetou-Salon Rouge and a re-stock of the Menetou-Salon Blanc; the arrival of Soucherie Anjou Blanc 2020, Anjou Rouge 2018, and the Coteaux du Layon “Patrimonie” 2018; and our first shipments of the Muscadet “Tiré sur Lie” and “Phileas” from the 2020 vintage.

We also expect to receive the following containers in December, but cannot yet estimate an arrival date:

Deschamps [Mid-December]

Crochet [Mid-December]

Thevenet (2 containers) [Mid-December]

Haut Segottes [Mid-Decemember]

Buisson, Clos des Rocs [Late December]

Domaine du Nozay [Late December]

San Fereolo, Pacina, Gravner, Vodopevic, Cappellano [Late December]

Domaine du Fenouillet [Early January]