Notable Arrivals
Notable Arrivals

August 2021

Rovellotti, San Fereolo [8/6]: This container brings us new vintages from Antonello Rovellotti in Ghemme and Nicoletta Bocca in Dogliani, including the full lineup of varietal wines from Rovellotti, and the long-awaited Valdiba 2019 from San Fereolo.

Ermes Pavese [8/9]: A full container of mountain magic from Ermes Pavese incldues the new vintages of classic Blanc de Morgex (2020) and the Metodo Classico (XVIII), re-stocks of the Sette Scalinate 2016 magnums, Tondo 2016, and Uno Per Cento 2017, and two new wines for the US market: a Vino Bianco Frizzante Col Fondo called “Esprit Fou” and a still white called “Vent’Anni”.

Due to the continuing worldwide refrigerated container shortage, we expect to receive the following notable containers in August, but cannot estimate an arrival date:
Petit Thouars [Late August]

Chateau de Chaintres, Clos de la Meslerie, Petit Mairie [Late August]

Terrevive, Ficomontanino [Late August]

Cascina Luisin, Ferrando [Late August]

Jean-Marc Morey, Harmand-Geoffroy [Late August]

Clos des Rocs [Late August]

Fenouillet [Late August]

Bea, Aldo Viola, Brovia [Late August]