Notable Arrivals
Notable Arrivals

July 2021

Grosjean, Conti, Bisson [6/30]: A small Glera re-stock will tide us over until the next shipment in mid-July. We will receive re-stocks of the 2019 cuvees from Grosjean, plus the 2018 sparkling Montmary. Conti sends us the 2017 Boca, 2019 Origini, and 2019 Spanna.

Domaine Pecheur, Overnoy Crinquand, Joseph Dorbon [7/1]: Our second Jura container of the season brings the return of two highly-anticipated Cremants from Pecheur and Overnoy Crinquand anchoring a broad lineup of reds, whites, and oxidative white wines from these estates.

Lucien Jacob [7/1]: This marks the return of Jacob’s Crème de Cassis and Crème de Framboise in 750 ml and 375 ml, accompanying a selection of dry wines from their major sites in the Cotes de Beaune.

Domaine Bechtold, Guy Larmandier, Roger Coulon [7/1]: From Bechtold, we are receiving one final shot of the 2018 Cremant (with the 2019 to arrive this fall) plus their two Pinot Noir cuvees and their limited-release macerated white wines. Notable from the Champagne producers are a re-stock of the Coulon Brut Tradition and three new still red wines, one from Larmandier and two from Coulon.

Piemaggio [7/1]: After the success of the initial release, we will receive a re-stock of the 2015 Chianti Classico and the 2015 Riserva in 750s and 1.5L.

La Rame, Auney l’Hermitage [7/1]: We will receive new vintages of Bordeaux Rouge and St Croix du Mont form La Rame, along with the 2016 Graves Rouge and Cuvee Cana Rouge from Auney l’Hermitage.

Due to the continuing worldwide refrigerated container shortage, we expect to receive the following notable containers in July, but cannot estimate an arrival date:

DeForville [Early July]

Domaine du Nozay [Early July]

Romain Chamiot, Louis Magnin, Romain Papilloud, Serge Roh, Fabienne Cottagnoud, Cave Caloz [Early July]

Aldo Viola, La Torre [Early July]

Bisson [Early July]

Crochet [Late July]